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Branko Petrovic, almost 12′ of static apnea and new WR

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After 6 long months of hard training, the strong serbian freediver Branko Petrovic, has hit the target to beat the previous world record of static apnea, Stéphane Mifsud, who ruled from 2009 with 11 minutes and 35 seconds. On October 7, in Dubai, Petrovic has reached the remarkable milestone of 11 minutes and 54 seconds reaching a new Guinness World Record and taking home a substantial check from sponsors. We would expect the performance will be repeated soon also in front of the AIDA International judge to have the approval.

branko prize

The consistent prize for the record (photo Emirates247)

Branko was not satisfied and, at a distance of just three days, has twice attempted to break his own record, unfortunately not succeeding because of a problem with the temperature of the pool water was initially too hot and then, as a result of  introduction of ice, which had become too cold. The serbian champion has not, however, pulled back and, after wearing a second swimsuit, he still wanted groped the feat.

On the first attempt Petrovic has equaled the Mifsud’s record of 11 minutes and 35 seconds. After a break of half an hour was willing to groped again but stopping the clock at “only” 10 minutes and 54 seconds. At this point, Branko stop the attempts to certify the time of 11 and 54of the previous days.

branko piscina

Branko Petrovic prepares for record attempt (photo Emirates247)

The Serb free-diver had become a world champion and world record holder by keeping his breath underwater for 9.32 minutes in September 2011. Subsequently, he achieved a best time of 10.23 minutes during the Submania Cup in Croatia in November 2013, till Mifsud took over with a time of 11.35 minutes set in 2009. Despite the non-approval, the record of Petrovic goes down in history as the longest static apnea diving never done before.

Background of the feat was the Skydive Dubai, which hosted the Spearo Extreme Sports Expo, an event dedicated to extreme sports and has seen a huge audience participation not only in the freediving records.



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