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This is the THIRD episode of the web series about spearfishing with freediving with some of the most spectacular fishes in the Hellenic seas.
Throughout the images, the sound, the dialogue and the music we want to share with you as best as we can what we see, feel and think during our spearfishing adventures.
Hold your breath and follow us through this 68' minutes episode of action with some great catches of our beutifull seabeds.

We hope you enjoy it and don’t forget to subscribe, comment and like to our channel for more!

With respect,
Anubis S.F. Team





It is a new web series about spearfishing and free diving, not only for the experienced divers, but also for viewers of all ages and experience levels, as the journey of the team (Dimitris Vosios, Babis Plastourgos and Victor Zafiropoulos) will be the portal to witness beautiful Greek scenery and get to know some of the secrets that the sea hides...
Within some of the episodes, there will be two embedded categories. Medical advice from the MD, ENT Dr. Dimitris Louloudis, whο gives prevention tips and information about potential risks that can be found at sea and secrets to improve our performance in diving, and knowing our bodies better. The other part is purely technical. It focuses on proper selection, adjusting, setup and use of the diver’s equipment, in all the categories and independent products.
Moreover, discussions with expertise trainers for safety issues and tips won't be missed...!

Each episode will last approx. 50 to 70 minutes.

We thank you all for your support... Dive safe...always with awareness and respect to all living beings underwater.

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