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Lists of Bi-Fins, swimsuits certified by CMAS for 2015 (20-03-2015)

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Dopo l'entrata in CMAS (nuoto pinnato) di Arena qui potete leggere il comunicato stampa http://arenawaterinstinct.pr.co/98318-arena-entra-nel-mondo-del-nuoto-pinnato ecco l'aggiornamento dei costumi certificati e delle pinne



Here are the list 2015 updated on march 19 for certified swimsuits for CMAS with contacts of exclusive suppliers. You find also the list of Bi-FINS for 2015 with contacts of exclusive suppliers. Actually, contract with new company (BEUCHAT) is in progress for signature for homologation of 4 models of Bi-Fins. A update of the list 2015 will be upload soon as the contract will be official. you can find all documents on page



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