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  1. before few days i made new test with my vela 110. Speed with 2x17,5+16 under and with 14,5 up on 4m is 30ms with shaft 8 135 Finaly Im really happy with precision. I shoot few times in same hole. 5m~27ms
  2. Itio, why did you scared of me, when i was giving hand to you hahaha, because of my 2m height or
  3. Yesterday I was in Zagreb on boat show and meet Mr. Alemanni. I saw his new rollergun. It is invert vela system with only two loadings. Really simple and easy to use. We try to talk a little bit and i like his simple ideas. This gun is made for 7mm spears I think, and mr. Alemanni says that there is no any recoil.
  4. Itio... i think that vela system is not for mass production because of too complicated construction. I would be happy with 3x17.5 under without clasic rubber up. 3 loads and speed should be appr... 27-28ms on 4 meters with great precision
  5. Itio, this is light setup... I hope that I will reach 27-28ms on 5m with 3x17,5 + 14 up... Problem could be only recoil
  6. Today i made test on my vela rolergun. I have made some changes on gun and Finally i got perfect precision on long ranges... On this test i shot on 5m plywood measured from tip of spear. I have measured distance with meter... Speed is about 24-25ms on 5m but water is 12C, in warmer sea it will be better Setup is 8m 135shaft 17,5+2x16 under up classic 14,5 download video on link, go up to right corner to Download in HD... watching in internet Explorer is low quality https://www.dropbox.com/s/dbj1b99ynlku8rq/test.mpg?dl=0
  7. I like my XTAR d06 about 80euro but worth every euro http://www.xtarlight.com/05-chanpin/p-001-1.asp?styleid=214
  8. Thank you very much =) Daniele Is that samo kind of Volcan system? Hello Paky, if you had to come in Croatia we organize a fished entirety, but with you in motorcycle I do not come to us! No problem I will learn you how to ride on rear or front wheel hehe, it is less complicated than make vela system shoots straight =D
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